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Meet Coach Karen!

About You and Me

First, let's get acquainted to discover if we make good co-explorers.

Once we decide to work together, we'll embark on a journey where, as your personal coach, I'll gently; yet, pro-actively guide you on a deep-dive into what makes you unique, and how you can best exemplify those innate qualities to potential soul-mates.

Next, we'll dive even deeper to uncover your past relationship patterns that may have held you back from finding long-term, fulfilling relationships.  We'll work on your internal landscape in order to transform those patterns into skills that enable you to achieve positive relationship experiences.

Now, equipped with new skills, you're ready to embark on a rewarding treasure hunt: contacting, connecting and creating relationships with precious gems that catch your eye and capture your heart.

You'll be amazed how easy the entire process can be when you have a guide on your side who believes in you, supports you and holds you accountable for your relationship transformations

Dare to journey with me to find what your heart has been searching for...


About Me

Since I was a child, I've been a believer in "happily-ever-afters". A true romantic at heart, I'm a natural born 'cupid' who has a gift for opening hearts to finding soul-level love from the inside out.

Those I have journeyed with via my soothing voice and intuitive thoughts as well as my life-experienced soul have told me that I was the one person able to open their hearts to love, again!

About You

You're a gentleman who has succeeded in some areas of your life but not so much in the relationship realm.

You're eager to begin the journey of transforming your relationship visions to reality.

You're ready to fill-out the brief form on the contact page to schedule an introductory Deep-Dive Relationship Coaching session with me.